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Finding similar players around the world.

  • with the percentage of comparability
  • filter on age to find the youngest


World rankings by role.

  • rankings of the best players by age
  • the rankings of the best players by tournament


We are able to monitor the performance of each player match by match.

  • evidence of performances according to the opponent
  • evidence of the performance according to the game position

Custom Searches

We combine our index to each single variable or group of variables.

  • Possibility to find the best players with specific technical characteristics
  • Possibility to create customized indexes


We provide the market value of every single player through the methodology of comparable transactions

  • Value extrapolated from recent market transactions
  • Totally objective judgment

40 Tournaments +


10 Million +

Minutes played

60 Thousand+

Football players

Make decisions based on real data

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Hear from some club managers who swear by wallabies.

"The strength of their algorithms, as I see it, lies in the accuracy of the analysis of the players' performance that they are able to identify through the data and that makes the judgment totally objective."

Giovanni Sartori

Responsabile Area Tecnica Atalanta

As a scout you are looking for new players for your club every year and it's like looking for a needle in a haystack! With the new Wallabies platform, you can search more specifically and find the right players faster."

Ruedi Zbinden

Chief Scout Basilea

“The software has proved to be a valuable support tool for the Scouting department, facilitating the process and allowing us to act more accurately, allocating time and resources only on the profiles identified after an initial selection process through the platform”.

Giovanni Rossi

D.S. Sassuolo Calcio

I find this collaboration with Wallabies very useful and productive, because the analysis of data through artificial intelligence allows to have lists of players already selected that, combined with the usual viewing of matches, saves a lot of time."

Filippo Antonelli

D.S. AC Monza

Finding good players has never been so easy

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Frequently asked questions

What is Wallabies?

We have created an "observer" that scouts every player and every match in 40 leagues, that can remember every gesture of about 60,000 players, that has an objective metric, has had "experience" watching more than 6,000 matches and that learns something more every day, with the only peculiarity that it is "robotic".

What is Machine Learning?

The strength of these algorithms lies in their ability to self-perfect and are known in the world of Artificial Intelligence as Machine Learning Algorithms. In other words, given a very large dataset, we extract, manage and process football information about each individual player in order to find comparable players, their market value, their ranking and, where possible, predict (through predictive analytics) their future sports performance

What is the Wallabies performance index?

It is an objective metric made to enclose in a single index, from 0 to 100, the analysis of a player's performance in relation to his position in the field. It is based on an algorithm, which is "trained" on the statistics in our database to evaluate the player's performance. In total we analyze about 7,000 variables that describe the behaviour of a player for each game.

What is the Ranking of players?

Thanks to our robotic observer, able to judge the performance of a player like a scout, we are able to monitor all the players in our database and we can highlight the best players divided by role, by age, by tournament, by module or by position on the field.

How do you analyze the difficulty of a league?

Every league is different and playing in the Premier is more difficult than playing in Belgium. Neural networks and our algorithms make the performance of all players comparable regardless of where they play.


It doesn't mean giving the value of sale or purchase that depends a lot on negotiations, but the value of performance that the market is willing to pay. That is, how much the market values those specific performances of a player.

What are the variables?

We use about 7000 variables per player per game, but not all of them are relevant. The higher the number of variables we are able to analyze, the more accurate the comparison.

Why Artificial Intelligence?

AI is not a limitation but a resource. It does not replace but amplifies. Wallabies' use of artificial intelligence serves to shift scouts' time from research to analysis. A machine's memory is infinite and it remembers every single gesture of every single athlete.

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